Project Forty-Three

5 Nov

This should be the last you will see from that yellow sheet, I promise. I actually had planned to use another sheet given to me by one of my employees but that didn’t work out, and not for lack of effort. The sheet was really close to flesh color and I hate when it looks like people aren’t wearing clothes from a distance so I tried to dye it. It came out splotchy and horrible so I used the rest of my yellow sheet to try out the pattern.

This pattern is from the book One Piece Wearables. Every design only involves one pattern piece, which seems totally simple but is kind of hard to execute because the pattern pieces are HUGE.

After cutting out the piece I made the pleats on the front and back, ignoring the instructions and doing it my own way.

The next instruction I didn’t follow was to edge the arm holes in bias tape. I was fresh out and wanted this project to be completely free so I cut out some strips from the remaining part of the sheet on the diagonal.

I knew how to do this from a previous project, but you can find easy tutorials online as well.

To make the top casing for the front and back of the dress I was resourceful and used the wide hem at the top of the sheet. I finished the edges and sewed it into place.

I then ran ribbon through the casings to join the front and back together.

All you get is a shot of this one on the hanger. It is a pretty thin night-dress and I didn’t feel like showing off my, well, everything.

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